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"You do not have to know everything about a business to start a business, just ask."

—Linda Foegen

Prior to starting her own business, Linda Foegen worked for a book compositor right out of high school and discovered a love for creating things "pretty." Having an amazing father that taught her to "just ask," that is exactly what she did. When she decided to start her own business she "just asked" a wonderful man named Ed Welch to help her learn all the ins-and-outs of the business. Not only did Mr. Welch help her to start her own business, he was thrilled to help; and her love for creating things "pretty" became a career.


Linda Foegen founded Heartland Book Design in 2001 and now, with over twenty-seven cumulative years of experience, it has evolved into American Book Design. Our company has been providing excellent services to the industry's leading book publishers for many years. Our staff of experienced and skilled production specialists utilizes state-of-the-art software, equipment, and systems.


Throughout our many years in the industry, American Book Design’s staff have produced college level textbooks, technical manuals, medical journals, novels, supplemental material, and much more for some of the industry’s best known publishers, compositors, and businesses.

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