American Book Design delivers the highest-quality text, editing, images, art, design, and composition.

  • Design

    Book Design

    American Book Design can create one-, two-, and four-color book cover designs with brilliant illustrations and vision.


    Depending on the project goals, the book design will ultimately help your book appeal to a target audience or a more diverse group of readers.

  • Author Services

    Book Project Management

    American Book Design offers exceptional book project management services for all authors, publishers, and pre-press companies. We pride ourselves on consistently providing open communication and maintaining an honest relationship with all customers.

  • Editorial Services

    Copyedit - APA, CBE, MLA, Chicago House Style!

    At American Book Design our experienced textbook copyeditors work closely with the book project manager to maintain dependable services and provide accurate results. We work knowledgably with a wide range of subjects, utilizing an assortment of formatting styles including APA, CBE, MLA, or Chicago House Style.

  • Typesetting

    Typeset from Hard Copy

    American Book Design can provide character-by-character typesetting or keyboarding that is done right the first time. Speed and accuracy in character-by-character typesetting is a large part of the project.

  • Composition

    Book Page Layout

    American Book Design believes a well designed book page layout is just as important as the book’s cover or a book’s interior design; simply placing art is not enough. Placing illustrations, photos, and tables without interrupting the reader’s thought process can be as vital to a project as the content.

  • Indexing

    Subject and Author Indexes

    American Book Design’s experienced indexers use industry-standard software to build comprehensive and accurate subject and author indexes, turning a good book into a great book.

  • Interactive PDFs

    Interactive PDFs with Hyperlinks

    The most efficient way to get to where you want to go. Interactive PDFs will allow you to move from page to page quickly with a click of a button. Add hyperlinks for website addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Flip Books

    Flip Books

    Don't just turn the page, flip it. Flip books for the web will change the way you read books. Just click and flip.

American Book Design will create a great look for your book or business products. Click each link below to view our samples.

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