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  • Design / Books, Covers, Ads

    Book cover design

    American Book Design can create one-, two-, and four-color book cover designs with brilliant illustrations and vision. The right book cover design can sell your words and produce a more appealing look and feel for the buyer. Understanding the author’s needs and desires begins the creative process which carries through the entire text.


    Depending on the project goals, the book cover design will ultimately help your book appeal to a target audience or a more diverse group of readers. The book’s title, publisher, author, and affiliations will be clearly displayed to sell your book at a glance.


    Interior book design

    While the book’s cover is the first thing the customer sees when considering a purchase, the book’s interior design ultimately has more value to the reader. American Book Design creates an interior book design for every publication with insight into the author’s needs.


    All aspects of a book are taken into consideration at the design stage of a project controlling the trim, thumb, gutter, head and foot margins. The number of columns, column widths, and the gutter space as well as point size, leading, and fonts affect the page count of the entire project which can help to provide an accurate cast off.


    Using tabs, screens, or photos on a part or unit opener makes locating specific sections easier for the reader when thumbing through a text. Workbook, study guide, or exercise pages can be set apart from the rest of the pages when the design is created. Color is used for appearance but also has a function. Adding color can be used to draw attention to tables, boxes, and art, while a fifth color can be used to control a teacher’s answer guide at press.


    American Book Design factors in all of these elements when creating an interior book design before even one page is created. While a book’s interior design definitely has a function that most authors might not be aware of, the overall goal is how appealing the book is to the author.

  • Author Services / Project Management

    Book Project Management

    American Book Design offers exceptional book project management services for all authors, publishers, and pre-press companies. We pride ourselves on consistently providing open communication and maintaining an honest relationship with all customers.


    Our book project management personnel are responsible for all communication between the author and contractors. Once a book publishing project manager has been assigned to the author they will contact all the departments to create an accurate schedule and distribute work to copyeditors, book cover designer, book interior designer, layout artist, illustrator, or indexer. The book project manager will monitor production until the product is printed and on the market.

  • Editorial Services / Copyediting

    Copyedit Textbooks in APA, CBE, MLA, or Chicago House Style!

    At American Book Design our experienced textbook copyeditors work closely with the book project manager to maintain dependable services and provide accurate results. We work knowledgably with a wide range of subjects, utilizing an assortment of formatting styles including APA, CBE, MLA, or Chicago House Style.


    When copyediting college level textbooks we meet the needs of authors from many disciplines, and when working with lower grade texts or other non-fiction we focus on the use of the most appropriate format. We have experience using a variety of citation and formatting styles and are capable of expanding to include others as needed.


    American Book Design’s light copyedit will provide an initial check for spelling, grammar, punctuation, and general content consistency, as well as ensuring that all questions imbedded in the text are consistent with content. We check that all citations are listed in the note/reference lists, and all notes/references are correctly formatted for the style used and for consistency within the text.


    A moderate copyedit would additionally provide suggestions on re-wording content for a more professional end product. Heavy copyedit would provide re-writes of drafts for the author’s consideration, and also allow multiple authors to speak with one voice for consistent presentation within the text.


    In addition, we are able to work with fiction projects to provide the author with professional results in presenting dialogue, as well as prose.

    Editorial Read


    American Book Design offers an editorial read for all composed pages. If the author or publisher desires, digitally submitted pages can be proofread for content, structure, layout, and color.


    This process is done by electronically proofing a PDF and includes a combination of a light copyedit and a proofread. An editorial read ensures a final check for content, spelling, and punctuation after all other work has been completed. Our editorial read will also include an inspection ensuring all notes and references follow the requested formatting style and that their citations are listed.

  • Typesetting / Keyboarding

    American Book Design can typeset your book from hard copy!

    American Book Design can provide character-by-character typesetting or keyboarding that is done right the first time. Speed and accuracy in character-by-character typesetting is a large part of the project.


    American Book Design provides data entry or will edit a supplied disk from manuscript that is provided to us in PDF format or on hard copy. Typesetting medical books, books with tabular material, or mathematical equations are second nature to our staff.

  • Composition / Books, Supplementals, Manuals, and More

    American Book Design provides a beautiful book page
    layout that is award winning!

    American Book Design believes a well designed book page layout is just as important as the book’s cover or a book’s interior design; simply placing art is not enough. Placing illustrations, photos, and tables without interrupting the reader’s thought process can be as vital to a project as the content.


    At American Book Design professionally trained book layout artists consider all aspects of a project before creating the first page. Trim size, margin, page depth, spacing around elements, and overall white space plays a role in our book pagination process. Elements should be kept close to their mentions and within the hierarchy of each heading.


    An effective overall page layout and the consistent use of elements will complete the project and be more appealing to the reader’s eye. American Book Design’s page composition staff has extensive training and experience in the proper way to paginate a book.


    American Book Design’s book project manager will make sure the author is involved in every stage of the page layout process. Our customers will be provided sample pages at the design stage and PDFs as each chapter is completed.

  • Indexing / Author and Subject

    American Book Design creates subject and author indexes allowing
    quick access to all the information supplied within a book!

    American Book Design’s experienced indexers use industry-standard software to build comprehensive and accurate subject and author indexes, turning a good book into a great book. Our indexers will follow the publisher’s style guidelines and standards to provide an index in a variety of print or electronic formats. American Book Design’s professional indexers will produce a high quality index within the agreed upon time, space, and format.


    Subject and author indexes are used by libraries, educational institutions, book reviewers, potential buyers, and students to determine the quality of a book. Back-of-the-book indexing allows readers to have quick access to important names, concepts, and terms. The bibliographical or chronological works, subject matter, companies, and titles used in a book are available to the reader with a quick flip of the page rather than involved and tedious searches through chapters. Book buyers will often view the index as an important asset and is a “must have” selecting any book.


    An index can often times be the “make it” or “break it” point of sale for a textbook.

  • Proofreading

    American Book Design has a quality control department
    for proofreading textbooks!

    American Book Design takes proofreading textbooks very seriously. We believe that this is a critical element of the publication process, and that quality proofreading is an important component to the success of your project. Our experienced quality control department reads all keyed pages character-by-character and compares supplied disks against original manuscript.


    When we proofread pages our quality control department will read or scan for any clerical or structural errors made during the paging process. Our quality check includes all textual elements, illustrations, photos, captions, references, running heads, line breaks, and more. In addition, our proofreading process includes verification that elements and page layout conform, and are consistent to the design specifications.

  • Art Creation / Simple, Moderate, or Complex

    American Book Design brings a book to life with their art creations!

    American Book Design believes that nothing complements your text more than art creation. Our artists can provide you with a variety of photos and illustrations appropriate for your subject matter, or they will take your own artwork and enhance it. They are skilled in all levels from simple to very complex illustrations.


    American Book Design can create new illustrations, revise existing illustrations, add labels, enhance supplied photos, or scan images from quality hard copy. All photos are examined for color conversion and enhanced, if requested.


    Using state-of-the-art software, such as Adobe’s Illustrator and Photoshop, our artists will give your book the quality you are looking for.

  • eBooks

    Market your own book and control your profits!

    A published book can be created as an eBook, giving the author the best of both worlds. American Book Design will create any book as a printer-ready PDF or as a web-ready eBook. Authors or Universities can own their own book and market it themselves.

  • Post-Process

    American Book Design will electronically archive your files for storage and backup!

    American Book Design offers simple archiving solutions for backing up your projects to any requested media or placing them in a file storage network. Alternatively, we can provide a DVD or CD with your files clearly marked and organized.

    American Book Design will download your legacy files back to Microsoft® Word files


    American Book Design can convert files from a paging software into raw text. The files can be extracted and recreated with generic code or styled in Microsoft Word and returned to our customer for updating or archiving.

    American Book Design will take legacy files and turn out a new product


    American Book Design will reprint legacy files and turn out a new product that is updated and contemporary. If a previous edition needs elements re-keyed, new photos and illustrations, or the design needs a more modern look, we are there to make this process a pleasant one. If only a few internal updates are needed, minimal new artwork is required, or a more current cover is indicated, we can certainly make these tasks effortless.

  • Math / Tabular

    American Book Design specializes in college math books
    and never turns down a challenge!

    American Book Design will end your search for a good college math book compositor. Some of the most demanding publishers in the business will search to hire a compositor to produce their high maintenance math, science, engineering, and accounting publications. American Book Design is just the company for that task.


    American Book Design uses the most advanced software to maintain control and return a quality product. Using the most powerful and sophisticated equation typesetting software on the market, a college math book can be produced at amazing speed. These programs have features for producing the highest quality mathematical structures and formulas. Our software is designed to create simple or complicated divisions, summations, integrals, stack limits, radicals, fractions, matrices, and over bars with consistency.


    With the right book project manager, interior book designer, keyboarder, and layout artist every facet of your college math book will be considered. American Book Design enjoys the challenge that typesetting college math books have to offer.


    American Book Design has a staff with over twenty-five years of experience specific to college math books, we are at the top in meeting the tight schedules that these products require.

    Math Samples PDF

    American Book Design will set all your tabular material correct the first time


    American Book Design knows setting complex tabular material is considered one of the most difficult areas of book pagination. Our keyboarders and layout artists are the best in the business.


    All of our book interior designers take careful consideration when selecting fonts, choosing point sizes for table heads and body, adding internal and external rules, and selecting screens when creating tabular material. Our layout artists compose tabular material with accurate alignment of rows and columns and placement of table column heads or table spanner heads are checked very closely.


    American Book Design knows setting complex tabular material is considered the mark of a good compositor!

  • Interactive PDFs

    Interactive PDFs with Hyperlinks

    The most efficient way to get to where you want to go. Interactive PDFs will allow you to move from page to page quickly with a click of a button. Add hyperlinks for website addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers.

  • Flip Books for the Web

    Flip Books

    Don't just turn the page, flip it. Flip books for the web will change the way you read books. Just click and flip.

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